It is a basic tool that guarantees the manufacturing of safe products that are fit for human consumption. It focuses on hygiene and handling of goods.


  • Guarantees the production of safe goods and the protection of consumer´s health.
  • Helps maintain a cleaner and safer work environment.
  • Reduces complaints and returns.
  • Employees get a higher sense of quality work, their knowledge level grows.
  • Customer loyalty.
  • Higher customer´s satisfaction.

The Good storage practices (GSP) constitute a group of minimum and mandatory storage regulations for perishable and non-perishable goods, in relation with the facilities, equipment and operational procedures, that are destined to guarantee that the products properties are fit for human consumption..


  • Safe and efficient handling of goods.
  • Less complaints and returns.
  • Reduction of costs and resource savings.

HACCP is a tool that helps control potential hazard in food manufacturing and to establish control systems that protect consumers´ health. HACCP guarantees the compliance with the requirements of Food Safety.


  • Improves the public perception of the company.
  • Trained personnel.
  • Avoids fines, sanctions or even business closure.
  • Ensures business continuity.

Minimum legal base:

RM N° 822-2018/MINSA